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Jenny Winget

11 Incredible Health Benefits Of Lemon

Written by Pharmeasy

TSummer is coming and a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day is the most refreshing drink one can have in summer. Lemonade calms your body and refreshes you instantly.urns out the humble tomato is full of surprising perks for your skin, your gut, and more.("Read the full Article")

How to know how much sleep you need for a restful night?

Written by

You need eight hours of sleep to be your best. Probably. Maybe. It depends..(Read the full Article)

88 healthy dinners you can cook in 30 minutes

Written by

How to get through the week with healthy but satisfying meals that will make you feel good as well as virtuous? With these 88 healthy, fast recipes. (Read the full Article)

9 Good Reasons to Eat a Salad a Day

Written by Lorna Kring

With the hot summer weather arriving quickly, a cool crisp salad can be the basis for a light and refreshing meal. (Read the full Article)

Tips for Women to Prevent Heart Disease

Written by

The risk of heart disease increases for everyone as we age. For women, the risk goes up after menopause, but younger women can also develop heart disease.(Read the full Article)

12 Benefits of Honey - Advantages & Uses of Honey

Written by

Deemed as a top health food across the globe, Honey is a wonderful creation. Honey is among the most popular and widely used sweetener with enormous health benefits.(Read the full Article)

Top 10 Health Benefits of Coffee

Written by Stephanie Cooper

The average American drinks about three cups of coffee per day, amounting to roughly 146 billion cups per year.(Read the full Article)

The 10 Best Exercises for Women

Written by  Nora Tobin 

Fitness trends may come and go, but combining these classic exercises can help you create some of the best workouts for women.(Read the full Article)


Written by

6 Fruits and Vegetables Healthy Smoothie Recipes that will give you energy all day long. (Read the full Article)
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